Sunday, May 31, 2020

Writing Step by Step Winning Resume

Writing Step by Step: Winning Resume Want to be on the competitive edge and get the job of your dreams? Writing step by step will help you compose a job-winning resume! Follow these recommendations, discover useful tips, and use them to make a great CV! Step 1. Decide what kind of job you are looking for and determine whether your skills are suitable for it. Step 2. Make sure your resume has a clear structure. Divide it into the following parts: objective, personal details, education, work experience, skills, foreign languages, hobbies and interests, references. Step 3. Complete each part with suitable information. Â  Objective is one of key parts of your CV. Formulate the exact goal for your job search and professional intentions. The way you express why you want to get this or that job is likely to make the HR Manager choose your candidacy and invite you to the interview. Â  Personal Details come into play in the next part of your CV, where you actually introduce yourself. Provide personal information: first and last name, date and place of birth, age, address, telephone number and e-mail. If you have more than one phone number, provide all of them. In case one number doesn’t answer, the recruiter can get in touch with you by using another one. The Education section is designed to provide details on your qualifications, including any and all degrees you have earned. Its also a good idea to mention training courses you have attended. Doing so may indicate that you take a serious interest in some specific area and want to increase your academic achievements. Well-rounded education and high qualifications – thats what recruiters seek! In the next part that is called Work Experience, list all the companies you worked for, as well as your positions and responsibilities. Dont be afraid to mention the smallest companies and the lowest positions. Everyone needs a start! Besides, starting in lower positions or working for smaller companies can mean that you have a more thorough knowledge of all areas in your specialty. Your desire to move on and get essential experience speaks in favor of your candidacy! The section labeled Skills has to include information regarding all abilities you consider to be relevant for the targeted job and position. Interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills, team spirit, willingness to compromise – each can be vital to your new job! Are you creative and enthusiastic – write a couple of words about that, too! Have a critical look at yourself – dont exaggerate or understate your weak points, but at the same time, theres no need to underestimate yourself. Remember that you are not cheap labor but, instead, a promising employee! What does the part Foreign Languages have to do with anything? If the company is an international one and has business partners in other countries, your ability to provide successful communication in other languages can be of great importance. State what languages you speak fluently or in which you have a good written command. Do you have a bright personality? Say a couple of words about it in the section under Hobbies and Interests! Show that you are not only a book worm or that you surf the Internet all day long. Tell briefly about other parts of your life that are exciting and engaging! In References name two or three people who can recommend you and confirm your personal characteristics as well as qualifications. State their positions and provide telephone numbers so that the recruiter can contact them as needed. Step 4. Attach a nice photo of yourself. Very often applicants ignore this request. However, to a highly-qualified HR Manager it means that either the applicant doesnt take the job advertisement seriously or doesnt know how. Regarding the photo itself, it shouldnt be too formal or vice-versa, too frivolous. Choose one where you are in a good mood, look friendly and are properly dressed. The picture you choose should say that you are easy to deal with and serious enough to work diligently. Step 5. Place your resume on websites that specialize in recruitment. A properly composed resume will draw the attention of an HR manager and will help you get the job! Develop a resume and become a successful job candidate! Good luck with getting a good job! Otherwise, you can visit our writing company and order a custom resume of any complexity.

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