Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Country study (China) Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Country study (China) - Term Paper Example The rate of the population is faster in undeveloped countryside areas, where it is very hard to find work (Zeng, 2008). However, there is a decline in the population growth, which is realized with a reduced birth rate. This growth is considered to be below replacement level; hence, the current population growth is expected to increase life; expectance. Chinese person now lives an average of 74 years. Life expectance has reduced drastically with measures that are being taken by the federal government. There are several population control programs which have resulted in reduced families. These programs advocate for one-child households, and many Chinese citizens are adapting to this norm. Creation of an enormous hole in the social safety system of China is expected as a result of fewer male children being born. On the other hand, the Chinese population is slowly embracing the one-child policy to try and reduce the population growth. This policy is expected to save the government millio ns of dollars and thus improve the economy of the country. Measures to restrict couples from having many children are increasingly developing; for instance, education is increasingly becoming expensive. According to Zeng (2008), there are also increasingly expensive healthcare and poorly placed social security systems. It is of note for any organization to research the culture, value, religion, manner, and language used by the members of the community where they wish to start a new branch of business. However, it is essential to note that the findings are not meant to stereotype all the Chinese, but instead they are meant to help the company gain an impression of whom they are trading with. The population of Chinese is estimated to be over 1.2 billion people. These people belong to a family of mutually intelligible and close-related languages. Sino-Tibetan family of languages includes all the varieties of Chinese. However, these languages have their own dialect or sub-dialects. In a ddition, the languages are more or less mutually intelligible (Mente, 2008). For Victoria State Bank to function smoothly in China, they will have to understand the language used and make sure that their employees are fluent in these languages so as to serve the Chinese community well. In addition, if there is any written material, it should be ready for use in both English as well as Chinese, and the interpretation must be correct to avoid any misinterpretation. Before venturing into the banking industry in China, Victoria State Bank management should note that the Chinese have a culture through which they do not start business with organizations that they do not know. What the bank needs to do is look for an organization or an individual in China who will act as an intermediary. This will make the Chinese people gain your trust as this individual or organization will make sure that the Chinese community understands the reliability of the bank. After the Chinese have clearly known the intentions of the bank and its history, they will now be willing to work with the bank. According to Hofstede’s dimension, all individuals in the society are not equal. The idea of power distance is something that has been practiced in China for decades, and everyone has come to embrace that culture (Hofstede, 2012). The Chinese believe that inequality among the people is justifiable. Therefore, when conducting

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