Monday, February 10, 2020

John Stuart Mill's view of the Iraqi War Term Paper

John Stuart Mill's view of the Iraqi War - Term Paper Example This essay discusses that thus, in case America intended to depose tyrannical regime of Hussein, the opponents can decrease their moral estimation of the American government. Moreover, in case of intervention had no underlying principles of humanitarian intervention, then there is a need to criticize coalition and make them pay for their errors and it is no way to discard a humanitarian basis of war.The intent of war was to liberate people from the suppressing of the tyranny. Finally, America copes with that goal and tyrant was removed. Iraqi people had a chance to see perspectives of freedom, an open way to liberty. This intent was underlined by the members of Coalition and Hussein had to pay for his erroneous and inhumane behavior and committing crimes against humanity. To set freedom and liberty principles is the most important task of the government. In case a nation is suppressed and is willing to freedom, there is a need to fight against suppression for independent thinking, fr eedom of choice and liberty. As far as we can see, Mill’s doctrine is profound and it is taken by proponents of American intervention to Iraq as the one supporting their humanitarian intervention and at the same time, opponents refer to Mill’s doctrine, as to the one, which criticizes American intervention to Iraq. Actually, different things in the world can be interpreted in different manners. It is an important philosophical skill to interpret different phenomena from negative and positive prospects.... Nevertheless, Mill’s consideration is relevant to the modern context and there is no need for a severe criticism, but rather for the appraisal and analysis of current political situations, military conflicts or wars in the world. Contemporaries would definitely concentrate their attention on Mill’s restriction between the liberties of individuals and social groups. The philosophical questions about the relevance and domination of different social values fit to the discussion about American politics during the war in Iraq (Schauer, 2005). Mill made an emphasis on moral abstraction from societal norms and doctrines and he enabled his readers to think. Modern generation can definitely borrow many Mill’s ideas and apply them not only for the discussions about wars, but also use them in their daily lives, because global thinking leads to better daily actions. In his work On Liberty  Mill wanted to defend a freedom of an individual. The mechanisms of behavioral templ ates creation and transformation of norms of morality are described by Mill. The set moral values are not bad, because they are bad, but because they are established and usually imposed on citizens. In other words, the main argument of Mill considered neglect of the â€Å"despotism of custom† (Mill, Chapter 3). Utilitarian ideas of Mill were reflected in his philosophy. He gives a broad consideration to the individual’s benefits for the society. He is much focused on liberties of an individual, but he claims that an individual should be useful for the society. Every individual should work hard in order to reach happiness in the society, because happiness in the society leads to a moral end.

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